Goldendoodle puppyHave you wondered, what is a Golden doodle? It is a bit of a funny name, isn’t it? Well, it is a dog actually. More specifically, it is a cross-breed of dog created from the breeding of a poodle with a gold retriever. It’s a bit weird, huh?

Where Did it Come From?
The original ideal was to create a breed of dog genetically suited to be guide dogs for those suffering from visual impairments. The idea was thought of by North American and Australian breeder in the early 90s. Sometimes the golden doodle breed is referred to as a ‘designer dog’. The idea of a designer dog comes from late Victorians who attempted to cross purebred poodles with various other purebred breeds. Their goal was to create a dog that had the poodle’s hypo allergenic coat and other highly desirable qualities from different breeds.

What are They Used for Now?
Its primary purpose is to be a loveable family pet. It is particularly favored by people who have allergies to animals. The theory is that if a puppy inherited hypoallergenic traits from its parent, it will not affect their allergies. Other applications for their breeding include guide dogs, therapy dogs and assistance dogs.

Why Would You Want One?
If you favored golden retrievers, yet you despised the fact that they shed hairs everywhere, you would buy a golden doodle. It does not shed very much hair. This trait is not in all of the breeds because it is not guaranteed to inherit it from the poodle. As a result, the amount of hair shed will vary from specimen to specimen. The owners will need to edit their grooming methods in accordance with the different coat types. The dogs which tend to shed more hair will require much more grooming than those who shed little. Breeders may claim that gold doodle are completely hypoallergenic, however science has never proven this to be true.

What Do They Look Like?
Due to the nature of cross breeds, the dog’s appearance will vary vastly from dog to dog. They can be different sizes, colors and have different coat types. You can have a straight coat type which resembles a golden retriever, a waxy coat type which is a mixture of the two or a curly coat type, like the poodle.
So do you think this dog may be for you? Maybe if you suffer allergies or simply dislike your floors and furniture getting hair, it truly might be for you.

Looking for a Goldendoodle puppy?

There are lots of good breeders around the country, just make sure you do your research. We have gotten two of our best puppies from Blue Ridge Goldendoodles. Cindy and her family do a great job, having personality visited their place I know these dogs are well breed. Her breeding dogs are in “Guardian homes” which means they are family pets that are breed on a normal, healthy schedule and just before birth the mother is brought over to Cindy’s for labor and to raise the goldendoodle puppies until ready for the new home. These are family pets! Visit their site here